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Panelization, the fastest-growing segment of residential new construction, is a method where housing components are prefabricated in a climate-controlled facility before being shipped to a home building site. Panelized components often include exterior and interior wall panels, structural floor systems, roof trusses and floor trusses.

Real Builders, Inc. operates its own panelization plant to construct wall panels that are delivered directly to each job site. Panels from our plant are used in our condominium projects as well as single family home projects when appropriate. As part of our Joint Venture Team, we also supply wall panels for the ongoing Family Housing project at Minot Air Force Base.

Panelization offers you many benefits including:

  • Reduced costs
  • Shorter completion time
  • Better quality
  • Eco-friendly construction
Reduced Costs

A primary advantage of panelized construction is lower overall costs due to reduced waste and increased efficiency gained in factory production.

Shorter Completion Time

The panelization process enables the house to be erected in a shorter period of time. You also benefit from a quicker move-in date and minimal construction delays caused by bad weather.

Better Quality

Panel construction is conducted in a climate controlled facility with precision technology used to produce uniform quality components. Wall panels can be quickly erected and enclosed to reduce exposure to the weather as well.

Each worker in a panelized facility has been trained to do a particular carpentry job and through experience, has become an expert in that specialized aspect of home construction. That expertise, combined with the precision technology used to produce panelized home components and uniform quality control supervision simply cannot be replicated on a job site.

Eco-Friendly Construction

Panelized construction is also eco-friendly as they are stronger, better-insulated structures; produce less waste from construction; and have reduced transportation impacts. Panelized homes provide the sustainable “green” attributes that today’s home owners are looking to purchase.

A Building Systems Council study, in conjunction with the Wood Truss Council of America (now the Structural Building Components Association), found that construction of a 2,600 sq. ft. home with trusses and panels used 26% less lumber, generated 76% less waste, and was constructed in just 37% of the man hours of a similar, stick-built home.

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